Did you Know?

More than 1 out of 3 seniors in America is a veteran or the widow or spouse of a veteran. If this describes you or a loved one and if non-medical care in the home is needed, you may be eligible for the Veterans Administration’s Pension with Aid and Attendance benefit of up to $25,440 per year that can pay for a caregiver. Home Care Solutions of St. Louis has a partnership with Veterans Care Coordination, and can assist in determining eligibility for the benefit. If you or your loved one qualifies, we can help you move through the process and can coordinate care. In certain situations, no-interest loan assistance can be provided to help with qualification and to start care quickly. Lack of knowledge means that very few people who qualify for this benefit ever take advantage of it, so be sure and contact our office if you think this may apply to you. 

A few points of eligibility for Pension with Aid and Attendance
• Veteran must have served during a period of war. Combat or overseas service is not required, as long as the veteran was activated. 
• Veteran or spouse must have a medical condition which demonstrates a need for home care services. 
• Veteran or spouse must meet certain asset requirements. A home and a car are not counted towards asset limits.
•  Veteran or spouse must meet a monthly income-to medical expense ratio. 

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