I was asked one simple question by a very close friend of mine who in effect planted the seed of creating Home Care Solutions of St. Louis. "Maria, what do you want to do in life that will make you happy and have purpose?" I immediately responded without hesitation "I would love nothing more than to care for the elderly again!”  My heart always knew I was put on this earth to impact a special group of people, a group that changed my life forever. 

I began my career as an activity director in a nursing home while going to school for my master’s degree in gerontology.  My dream job at this time was to work with the elderly. I never realized how much fun and excitement this opportunity was going to provide. I was being paid to play games, laugh, sing, dance, exercise and of course play bingo with amazing people of every type of capacities and all walks of life. My role soon transformed into the social worker and I began to work with families.
I helped them cope, sympathize, celebrate life and provide them with strength while offering a shoulder to cry on.  The families shared a gift with me, the gift of their loved one who impacted me on such a deep level.  I will never forget all the residents of the nursing home community, I will remember their spirit, energy and teaching me the meaning of life.

After 8 amazing years at the nursing home I entered the corporate world. I had a very successful career throughout the years, however a piece was always missing. The piece of happiness and purpose. When my friend asked me that very simple question my husband also supported my purpose and said take the leap of faith.  Thus, Home Care of Solutions of St. Louis was created. My story is just getting started and I look forward to helping, caring, laughing, loving and most importantly learning about your life’s story.


Compassion: We are advocates for a compassionate and just society through our actions and our words.

Honesty: We are serious about honesty – both as it applies to the integrity of our relationships and in being true to you. 

Inspire & Empower: Empower those around you. Share what you know and attempt to make those around you better than yourself. Give those around you respect & responsibility. Allow yourself to be inspired, excited, and delighted. Seek to inspire others in the way that you have been. Help and encourage others to find their true self. 

Positivity: We can make tomorrow better. We believe that we can change our future by our actions today.

Committed: We are dedicated to self-care, our customers and the community.