Employee Spotlight

John & Lisa Nordmann

Home Care Solutions of St. Louis was founded on the very basic principle of Family.  One word that says everything we stand for! This principle drives every decision made for our company, our caregivers, and most importantly our clients.  I am honored to recognize power couple, my parents John and Lisa Nordmann!  John and Lisa have been a part of our dream team since day one!  Their dedication, love, and compassion for helping families has helped Home Care Solutions be one of the best private duty home care companies in St. Louis!

“Caregiving is one of the most rewarding things we have done in our lives.  The people we take care of have enriched our lives tremendously."

Home Care Solutions of St. Louis has received beautiful testimonials on the care both John and Lisa have provided for our clients:

“We would like to thank John for his wonderful support and assistance with our dad, Bud.  We were apprehensive at first when we were considering the thought of having someone in his home.  After research and our meetings with Maria and Home Care Solutions, we had no hesitation.  Home Care Solutions accommodated our needs and put our minds at ease that when John would be with our dad that he would be in good hands. John far exceeded our expectations.  Our dad was worried about it too but when he met John he was at ease.  Our dad looked forward to John coming over.  They played Scrabble on many of the visits.  My dad made the comment, "I really like John and either I'm a really good Scrabble player or he lets me win; either way, I'm happy and I'm having fun," John is a very caring man and having him as someone that helped with our dad is a blessing.” Thank you John and Home Care Solutions. (daughter & son of client)

 “I want to take a moment to acknowledge Lisa and all the tender loving care and companionship she has provided my mother.  In November of 2015 mom ended up in the hospital.  She was released to the Glen, a rehab facility at Aberdeen where she lived.  When Mom was cleared to go back to independent living we knew she needed someone to be with her for a portion of every day.  The social worker from Aberdeen gave us Maria's number for Home Care Solutions.  She sent Lisa out to meet Mom.  Even through Mom was a bit hesitant at first to have someone coming every few days she appreciated the visits and the assistance.  Lisa has been a Godsend!  She accompanies Mom to the doctor and is able to be another set of ears when the doctors provide instructions.  She takes Mom to the grocery store and all assorted errands (all over the city!)  Lisa taking Mom all over really makes her feel like she is "getting out."  Again, it is so wonderful for mom, and selfishly, me!

 Lisa and Mom have developed a wonderful friendship along this journey!  Lisa helps Mom around the house, like putting up holiday decorations and fixing minor things!  We love having Lisa taking care of Mom!  Many, many thanks!” (daughter of client)

 John and Lisa Nordmann, known as Team Nordmann, have been married for 43 year.  They have 4 adult children, a son in law, 3 daughter in laws, and 3 amazing grandchildren.  They have had a photography business for the past 23 years and are currently semi-retired. In their spare time they have become winemakers and soon to be parents of four chickens.  John is an avid golfer where Lisa enjoys her daily walks.

Please join me in congratulating John and Lisa for doing an excellent job!! 


Happy 4th of July everyone!!

This holiday gives us many amazing reasons to take a day off, enjoy the company of family and friends, bbq, and enjoy the sound and fury of fireworks. This can also be a time to celebrate not only our amazing freedoms, but the senior loved ones in our life.  Especially for seniors, this holiday is a great time to recognize the hardships that many of our aging population have encountered.  If your elderly parents or grandparents were part of the great depression or lived through difficult times, celebrating their current security and independence is more important than ever!

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 10.20.57 AM.png

 Home Care Solutions St. Louis is thrilled to celebrate our nation’s independence and in doing so offers you some tips on how to help older adults be able to enjoy this time honored holiday at your friends and families 4th of July celebration.

·    Plan ahead and talk with the host or hostess about dietary limitations your loved one may have.

·       Consider what kind of seating is best for your loved one and bring a folding chair or one with appropriate support if necessary.

·       Ask if there will be shade where the celebration will be taking place.  Bring comfortable clothes, as some seniors feel cold even when it’s warm outside, and don’t forget the sunscreen.

·       Make sure they have sturdy shoes on to help them navigate uneven surfaces and protect them from all those fast little feel running around with sparklers.

 If your host or hostess can’t accommodate your loved one during their 4th of July party consider hiring a caregiver that can look after them while you attend the party.  Remember it is important for you as the caregiver to recharge and enjoy time with your friends as well.

 As a former military wife, this holiday holds special meaning to myself and my family.  It is my belief that EVERYONE deserves to age with dignity, love and respect.  It is this belief that drives my desire to work with Home Care Solutions St. Louis and to support each individual keeping their independence as we celebrate ours! Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!  Independence Rocks!             

Alzheimer's & Dementia Support in St. Louis

Caring for a person with Alzheimer’s disease is a 24-hour/day that can exhaust the caregiver physically, emotionally and financially. A caregiver’s health may deteriorate from stress and sleeplessness, adding to the challenge and reducing the quality of care that can be provided. Although it cannot address all issues,  there are resources available to help decrease the burden in ways that are most helpful for each person's situation. 

Through the Family Support Fund the Alzheimer's Association of St. Louis hopes to ease the burden to families in need by assisting with some of the costs incurred with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia. 

The Family support Fund provides financial assistance up to an annual maximum of $500 per family (renewable for one year) for expenses related to the care of a loved one at home diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease or a related dementia.  

To learn more about more about the Alzheimer's Association and this great resource please visit: Alzheimer's Association Family Support Fund.  

Home Care Solutions of St. Louis specializes in Alzheimer's & Dementia Care. We establish safe and more comfortable environments, trusting relationships and techniques to maximize independence for as long as possible for those with Alzheimer's disease. Our specialized approach of encouragement and assistance helps family members cope with the challenges of Alzheimer's disease and other dementia illnesses.

If you need in home care support to help care for a loved one with Alzheimer's, please contact us.